MTID Is Coming!

And not a moment too soon. (Although I will miss the abnormal amount of sleep I’ve been getting lately.)

The brand new Masters of Tangible Interaction Design – that wonderfully experimental Carnegie Mellon degree program I keep talking about, and just paid quite a bit of tuition to attend (but can’t yet explain sufficiently to my parents) – begins in two days! I’m spending the day finalizing my classes, writing professors and otherwise getting ready to head back to school. Oh, and doing laundry. Very humdrum, but at the same time very exciting.

[Edit: Err, I guess I spoke too soon. As I was writing this, the toaster oven caught on fire! Tres exciting. Just got back from buying a new toaster oven…and a fire extinguisher.]

This year, the Architecture department was able to give everyone in their Masters program an assistantship (tuition break) in exchange for 6 hours of work a week. Assistantship options include helping TA classes, conducting research, maintaining the shop and fabrication labs, and the like. In the spring, we all put in sheets ranking our preferences for an assistantship, and I formally received my assignment today:
“MTID program development and promotion.”

What does that mean? Essentially, I’ll be learning how to explain MTID sufficiently – and using that skill to help coordinate advertising, recruitment and organizational development for the new program. It might include anything from greasing the wheels organizationally and creating a consistent, “branded” look and feel, to helping the program network with other institutions. With some good ol’ fashioned gophering throw in for good measure, I’m sure.

Let’s put it another way. If the program advisor and I can do a tenth of the job for MTID that Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (a program I nearly fled the country for a year ago, as some may recall) has done in quickly developing a strong, coherent and inspiring message and infrastructure around the practice of interaction design, I’ll consider the assistantship a success. And at that point, MTID will, indeed, be coming.

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