Post-CMU Update

Alright, let’s not beat around the bush here – it’s been a ridiculously long time since my last post. Let’s start with the obvious – I graduated! From Carnegie Mellon. With my Masters degree in Tangible Interaction Design. The program was a great experience – but the obvious question left was, what now?

Well, while I was at Carnegie Mellon, I realized just how much of my interest in design was rooted in business and the act of *shipping* completed designs. So I decided that academia really wasn’t for me at this point in my life, and decided to dive firmly into product design and entrepreneurship.

I did this in two ways in particular. First, I began working a mix of full-time and part-time for an old professor’s startup, Intellisys Group, here in Cambridge. And second, I began working on some web projects on the side with my friend Michael Borohovski (“Borski”), in hopes of turning one of them into a sustainable business.

It’s been a busy year, but both of those endeavors are finally starting to turn into real projects that I can show and share with the community:

*With Intellisys, the first thing I’m able to show off is Redigi – a service that lets people buy and sell used digital music files. (How is it legal? Well, that’s a long enough post for its own entry – but suffice it to say they’re taking an interesting approach and have a lot of lawyers to back it up. :) )
In particular, I’ve been designing and building a Windows (Ugh!) client application to help explain the sell process and take users through the process of finding music to sell, selling it and resolving copies of sold songs that are accidentally copied back onto the computer. Sign up for the beta! It’ll be fun. Or at the very least, it won’t break your computer. We hope.
I’ve also been working on some Android code more along the lines of my typical mobile / urban computing schtick, for use by skateboarders “in their natural habitat” – but that work is still hush-hush for the moment.

*As for my side work, Borski and I worked on a number of projects, including RentDog, a site that crowd-sources local apartment rent information, Taskerous, a site for reminding oneself of various, well, tasks, and Tinfoil Security, an automated security service for startups. These projects were a great, great experience for me, as they gave me a lot of first hand experience in not just designing the concepts and product itself, but actually building the thing and sorting through all of the little details it takes to actually *launch* something. The launch of RentDog was a fabulous experience in “Getting Things Done” – and while we immediately saw flaws on our design, we also learned first-hand the benefits of launching only a month after coming up with an idea. :) We also got to pitch our ideas in person to Paul Graham and the other good folks at Y Combinator (who, as you can imagine, didn’t bite, or I’d be writing this from California right now).
Borski’s now working full-time on Tinfoil Security with his girlfriend, trying to start a “couple company.” How adorable. <3. Excited to see what they come up with (and to help them with their designs in the future, perhaps!). So, I’ll keep this brief, in hopes that I’ll get myself to come back and post the other stuff in my life as future blog posts! :) As always, thanks for swinging by my website!

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