Quick updates – Savannah, Boston, Hotlanta

A few posts are backed up both in my wordpress queue and in the imaginary wordpress queue of my mind. I wanted to quickly throw a few things out there that are a bit more time sensitive:

*I bit the bullet and decided to wrap some of my thinking and work around urban computing, volunteerism and the public sector into a submission for Interaction10 (to be held in Savannah, Georgia this February). Interaction10 is the annual get-together of the Interaction Design Association (IXDA). I attended a lot of the Boston IXDA meetings when they first formed the chapter there, and they’re a swell group of forward-thinking-yet-pragmatic practitioners whose input I think would really help my work here at CMU. There’s a public comment period on the work until October 1st, so if you could swing by and take a look, it’d be appreciated: http://interaction.ixda.org/proposals/presentations/citizen-volunteerism-and-urban-interaction-design/.

*I’ll be escaping the post-apocalyptic G20 scene and heading to Boston the weekend of September 25th. I can’t say I’ll have a *ton* of time there, but if you want to see me, drop me a line – I’d like to see as many people as I can.

*Lastly, I’ve gone ahead and signed up for the CHI student volunteer lottery again. CHI this year will be in Atlanta, Georgia in April. If I’m picked, it’ll be my third time volunteering for CHI – and I’m just as excited at the prospect as I was the first time I did it (if not moreso.) Highly, highly recommended – register for the lottery here between now and November: http://chisv.org/chi10. You can always turn down a spot if you’re awarded one, so if you’re even remotely considering it, you should sign up! It’lll be a hoot.

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