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Post-CMU Update

Alright, let’s not beat around the bush here – it’s been a ridiculously long time since my last post. Let’s start with the obvious – I graduated! From Carnegie Mellon. With my Masters degree in Tangible Interaction Design. The program was a great experience – but the obvious question left was, what now? Well, while […]

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Interaction10 – Fin!

Interaction10 was fabulous. My flight today was canceled, so after one more night in town I’ll return to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Meanwhile, I wanted to quickly toss up my slide deck for my talk from this afternoon on Citizen Volunteerism and Urban Interaction Design, for those going through their business cards and stumbling upon my card […]

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On the simulation of man-made rules

Another “Looking Outward” blog post that I’ve written for my studio course with Golan Levin, copied here for posterity. He’s got us all thinking very interesting things about the nature of computation and how we can use it to learn about the world around us. I’d be interested in comments, now that comments are on! […]

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Atoms are the new bits

So says Chris Anderson, in this month’s cover story of Wired. It’s worth reading – he makes a good case for how individual access to tools and manufacturing pipelines will alter the workforce and change how business is done. In typical Chris Anderson style, it’s a bit over-the-top, but also largely correct. Well, if that’s […]

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Comments are now on.

Yep. Not much more to say about that. I think I’ve got my WordPress instance locked down enough to take it. Prove me wrong, spambots, prove me wrong.

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On end-user programming and the nature of art and design

I’ve been writing some weird stuff for my weekly blog entries in Golan Levin’s “Special Topics in Interactive Art and Design” studio. I thought I’d move some of that writing over here as it goes up over there, on the off chance people besides me and my classmates find it interesting. This week, the User […]

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Death by a thousand papercuts

We’re settling into our final weeks in the first term of the Tangible Interaction Design program. I thought to give you a good example of some of the things I’m working on here, I’d run you through the various injuries I’ve done to myself this week. Anyone who knows me knows that as a computer […]

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Quick updates – Savannah, Boston, Hotlanta

A few posts are backed up both in my wordpress queue and in the imaginary wordpress queue of my mind. I wanted to quickly throw a few things out there that are a bit more time sensitive: *I bit the bullet and decided to wrap some of my thinking and work around urban computing, volunteerism […]

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Fall 2009 Course Round-up

It’s been a little disorienting, being back on a college campus. Mostly it’s the sheer number of people that I really notice – CMU has 6,000 undergrads and 5,000 graduate students in a campus space maybe 75% of the size of MIT’s campus. Moreover, much of CMU’s campus is open, visible grassy fields connecting seperate […]

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Adventures in Cooking

In Boston, none of my friends cooked – so I never cooked. However, in Pittsburgh, everyone I know cooks dinner for themselves at home. I suspect this is less an factor of there being no good eating (although I do miss Boston’s Italian food), and more a factor of design-minded folks having more cooking ability […]

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