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On architecture and architects

What a schlep. Today was the School of Architecture BBQ, held at the department head’s studio in Polish Hill. Daisy-chaining the buses perfectly from Squirrel Hill should have taken an hour, but after getting off at the wrong stop, walking the wrong direction and waiting for a bus that doesn’t run on Sundays…well, let’s put […]

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MTID Is Coming!

And not a moment too soon. (Although I will miss the abnormal amount of sleep I’ve been getting lately.) The brand new Masters of Tangible Interaction Design – that wonderfully experimental Carnegie Mellon degree program I keep talking about, and just paid quite a bit of tuition to attend (but can’t yet explain sufficiently to […]

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Interaction Design and Institutional Culture

An interesting exchange occurred recently between American Airlines and interaction designer Dustin Curtis (who I hadn’t heard of, but, thanks to the tenacious twittering of Dan Saffer, is now on my to-read list.) First, this Dustin Curtis fellow wrote a pretty scathing evaluation of the usability of the existing American Airlines site – going so […]

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The New Biskerrific

Hi folks –

Welcome to the new!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Solomon Bisker. I’m a lot of things, but by training I’m a computer scientist. I’ve been a computer scientist in some form or another for as long as I can remember – but since 2005 or so, I’ve specialized in a growing subfield called human-computer interaction (HCI),…

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